Easy & beautiful yoga teacher websites!

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    What's In The Box
  • Custom Domain
    The option to use your own custom domain name.
  • Professional Designs
    Several professional designs from which to choose - each with multiple color choices.
  • Home Page
    A home page to greet visitors and post your latest news.
  • About Page
    An about page to say something about you and your practice.
  • Classes Page
    A classes page to give your teaching schedule.
  • Events Page
    An events page to highlight special workshops and events.
  • Photos Page
    A photos page that automatically imports your latest Picasa photos.
  • Blog Page
    A blog page that automatically shows your latest Tumblr posts.
  • Videos Page
    A videos page that automatically shows your YouTube videos.
  • 3 Extra Pages
    Up to 3 extra pages to say whatever you want to say!
Why You Need a YogiSite

Every yoga teacher needs a website. Not only does it add legitimacy to your name, it also provides a way for students to connect with you on the web. Plus it gives you a chance to showcase your talents, thoughts, and teachings.

YogiSites takes the pain and difficulty out of setting up and maintaining a website. We do all of the hard stuff for you - you get a beautiful design with social media integration and a way to update your site that couldn't be easier. Use your YogiSite to show off your photos, list your yoga teacher training certifications, and invite students to come to class.

Now you can have the beautiful website you always wanted for the same price as a cup of coffee each month. So what are you waiting for!? Join us!

Easy To Use
  • Editing your website couldn't be easier - just choose a photo and edit your text.
  • Change the entire look and color scheme of your site with just a few clicks.
  • Need help? We have a growing set of guides and tutorials that lay things out step-by-step.
Choose Your Own Design & Color Scheme
  • Kyoto
  • Cheyenne
  • Montreal
  • Ayodhya
  • Stockholm
  • San Diego
  • Koh Samui
  • More templates coming soon!
    We'll post updates on
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  • Make An Impression
    You have your yoga teacher training certification, now you need a beautiful website. Your website will often be the first way people meet you and you don't want to come off as an amateur. Our sites are professionally-designed and beautiful so you can start with your best foot forward.
  • Easy To Use
    With YogiSites, you can easily update your website without seeing a bit of code. Our updating tool is simpler than other complex systems like Wordpress. There's no confusing strip of options and settings to navigate and no plugins to manage. Just a tab for each part of your content, ready for your input.
  • Designed For Yogis
    Other systems like Wordpress and do-it-yourself systems won't fit your needs out of the box. Our sites are custom-made for yogis. No need to find and install plugins or fumble around with widgets - we've got you covered from classes to events, favorite quotes, photo galleries, YouTube videos, blogging and more.
  • We'll Help You
    "Customer support" for systems like Wordpress consists of forums and troubleshooting guides. We're a small company focused solely on helping yoga teachers get great websites. If you reach out to us for help, you'll get a quick response from a real person.
  • No Upfront Costs
    YogiSites comes with a free 30-day trial - no credit card number required. We think you'll love YogiSites once you've tried it so your first 30 days are on us.
  • Super Social
    Our templates let you add links to your Twitter and Facebook accounts as well as your newsletter signup so that your visitors can connect with you wherever you are on the web.
  • It Just Works
    With systems like Wordpress, you're responsible for making sure your website's backend is secure and stays up and running. With YogiSites we handle all of that for you.
  • Flexible
    Maybe you teach regular classes or maybe you only teach privates. Maybe you're not just a yoga teacher, but also a Reiki healer. YogiSites lets you customize your content to fit your specific needs.
  • Hosting Included
    We provide website hosting free of charge with your YogiSite! That's one less thing you have to worry about.
  • Blog Integration
    Have a Tumblr blog that you want to put on your site? We have templates that automatically load your blog posts into your site. Just enter your Tumblr blog name and you're set!
  • Yoga Photos
    Want to get started on your website, but don't have photos yet? YogiSites automatically displays beautiful yoga-related photos until your photos are ready to go.
  • Custom Domains
    Using your own domain is a cinch with YogiSites. Setup your custom domain in just a couple of minutes with no muss, no fuss.
  • Trust The Experts
    Some services let you design your site yourself, but your design might not turn out so well and potential students could be turned off by the look of your site. Our sites are professionally designed to help you look your best and stand out from the crowd.
  • YouTube Videos
    Yoga is the body in motion, so we have sites that feature super simple YouTube integration. Just enter your YouTube username and your YouTube videos will magically appear!
  • Your Own Store
    Want to sell stuff on your website? Private lessons, mats, clothing - with a YogiSites website you can sell whatever you want!